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Malvani Food :

We are Providing food with separate charges to our customer ,order should give in advance 4 hours to get food on time,

Malvani food is world wide famous for its Malvani cosine taste and special in sea food recipies.

Malvan is a picturesque town situated in the valleys of Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra and Malvani cuisine derives its name from this town’s local food. Malvan has the majestic Sahyadri mountains looking down upon it on one side and the tempestuous Arabian Sea lapping its shores on the other side. This is why seafood and chicken take pride of place in any Malvani meal, since both are available in abundance in this region. The interesting thing about Malvani cuisine is that it’s an amalgamation of several cooking styles. Some food writers trace its roots to the early 16th century when fisherfolk settled along the coastal belts of what is now Maharashtra, Goa and parts of northern Karnataka.


Banagada - Fry


Kombadi-Vade1 - Fry


Malvani-Masale - Fry


Malvani-Fish - Fry